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Adult Diaper Fetish Kidnappednappied

Adult Diaper Fetish Kidnappednappied
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Uploaded: Dec 18, 2013
Viewed: 55002 times
Voted: 38 X
Duration: 00:14:52
Category: ABDL Girls
Tags: diaper, kidnappednappied
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Sep 3, 2016 - 03:38

Any know where i can find this kind of vids? I love it.
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Apr 5, 2015 - 15:28

This one reminds me of my daughter.Wife,nicole and me go way back.Our daughter is 25 now and has been in love
with me since her 13th birthday.thats the first time I ever changed her diaper,It started when I patted her vigina.I got
so hot.I started to lick her.That's when my wife said."She loves you so much you better start making love to her.You
can love her all the way I'll put her on the pill.We have been making love for 12 years even when she went to college
which was only 15 niles away.Even though she really really loves me that had nothing to do with her falling in love
with a really nice boy.He would bring her home and the first thing we would do is make love.When Nicole,wife & myself
went to pick out her wedding dress,I picked out the panties cause she couldn't wear diapers that day.We stopped to
grab a bite to eat.When my wife drives Nicole is taking all of me squatting.We made a pact that when she gets married
She will come to me every day to have me cum in her.The night before the wedding I must have cum in her at least
3 times.She quickly put the white panties on so she could catch the cum.The morning of the wedding she woke me up
at 4 am.She was crying about leaving me.My wife kissed her and left the room.Nicole and I fucked for 4 hours..In the
limo she didn't care she straddled m moved the crotch of the panty and said fill me daddy I love you so much.I got a
little cum on my pants.When they were at the altar my wife said "how are you going to survive while the are on there honeymoon'" He said I told Nicole I would wear her panties,bra
and thigh highs to the office every and fuck you.Nicole
told her mother that she could feel some cum on the crotch and was so thrilled that she felt her daddy was mattying her
I do know this Nicole said She was three weeks late with her period.Sh knows it's her daddys caus she got off the pill
and never said anything.I never was so happy in my life.When they got home from the honeymoon.My wife took our
son in law for a visit.Nicole and I fucked for an hour.She told me that she told Eric all about us.He said GREAT!! this
way he could go out with the guys.We can't wait till the baby is born.Nicole brought me her cum filled panties,new bra
garter belt an a dress.When she kissed me I could taste different cum.Nicole said she told Eric she was saving herself
for her daddy ang just gave him blow jobs.Remember men,There is no love like dad & daughter love. .....Tom
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Nov 13, 2014 - 08:49

I like it was good and you diaper
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