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Breastfed Finger 4

Mommy breastfeeding her adultbaby girl after reading a story
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girl being fingered during breastfeeding time


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Uploaded: Oct 24, 2011
Viewed: 350112 times
Voted: 388 X
Duration: 00:03:27
Category: Nursery
Tags: mommy, breastfeeding, finger, story, breastfed, reading, adultbaby, girl, adult, baby
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Jun 12, 2014 - 17:34

Fuck off you disgusting paedo pieces of shit who leave your fucking disgusting comments on here as if they are true fucking stories, you disgusting fucks
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Jan 20, 2014 - 17:19

my father used to change me, now my husband does it. but, when i went shopping with my mom, i begged her to buy me diapers. she bought them for me, and the first thing she said was, your dad has to change you, and i said, can he fuck me too? she said ya, he will. I am now pregnant with my daddy's baby, and my mom couldn't be happier. :D
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Jan 20, 2014 - 00:12

my dad and i used to do that too. my mom took me shopping, and we went past the diaper aisle, i looked at my mom, and begged her to buy them for me. I have since grown, and i need the diapers anyway, due to my over-active bladder, but i love it when my dad changes me. he is so sweet and caring, and when i am really wet, he cleans me up, and i ask him for his dick, he tells me to pull it out, so i can suck on it. it is sort of like a pacifier to me. i still have nightmares, and my dad is kind of like my husband, we have sex, he fucks me, and changes my diaper. my mom doesn't really care, but, she knows that when i am wet, and horny, my dad is the only one i want to see. i have a babysitter, who is also my boyfriend, and he is the only other person that is allowed to change my diapers. i absolutely love it when my dad licks my pussy, and feels my hairy pussy, he wants me to shave it, but he said that babies aren't allowed to shave, so he is going to do that for me. i am so excited, because he is home from his trip, and he gets to put me in the bath, and he gets to shave me. i cannot wait for bath time tonight. hehehehe! i will come back and talk to u guys in a bit, after he shaves me, and bathes me, and touches my pussy, and fucks me, and then i get to suck on my mom's tits. i cannot wait. talk to u guys in a bit. (:
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Sep 24, 2013 - 02:38

My brother and I watch a lot of these.We both are out of underwear and panties and into diapers. We have been having sex together since we were in our teens.Parents divorced since our mom caught dad loving me.We moved and live as husband and wife.I am pregnant and we still wear colorful diapers.If sisters and brothers really love each they
should not be ashamed.Our mom forgave us and is looking forward to being a grandmother.
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Sep 22, 2013 - 17:04

When I watched this with my husband I said to him that I think looking at these would want to make a lot of fathers
want to have sex with their daughters.My husband hasn't done it but I know when I sit next to him and our daughter is
lying down on her stomach we can see her panties.He gets aroused.When she jumps on him and wraps her legs around
himI can see how he gets having his hands on her panties.I told her to go easy with dad She said I love my daddy and
I love when he rubs my panties.I happened to blurt out why don't you tell daddy to take you panties off and you can
sit on his lap.She ran to the den and did it.She is 15 but looks older dressed up.She told us once she never let a boy
do it to her.She did admit she played with a boy and made him cum.I went in the den and she was rubbing her pantied
crotch up and down dads cock.I went over and moved the panties over and said fuck her for god sakes.She was so
thrilled and dad was in heaven.Thankfully she wears a size 6 panty.Up until dad fucked her she didn't know dad wore
panties.You'll never know the thrill she gets when she gives dad her panties.She went with me to the mall and went to
Macys.We picked out matching panty Bra & garterbelt.Knee length white & pink dress.These were for dad He always
wore my things to bedand when she was out he would always b madeup He is 37 very fair light blonde.WhenI put the
makeup on him he loos beautiful.It never bothered me that after my daughter was in the last day of her period,he
would put the last days maxi pad in hey panty.We bought him a sanitary panty and said it's for when he gets his monthly.He loves it.Now let me tell you the He is ALL MAN He loves to feel sensual.He takes care of me and our daughter like you wouldn.t believe.WE feel him up like he would do us We are like 3 girls.I know that has to be some
women that have done the same.Remember Just because they are panties,they are still underwear,Love,Mona
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Sep 22, 2013 - 03:04

I wonder to myself after some of the comments.Which is better? have your little girl from 12 - 18 yrs. of age to get
someone to fuck them or their dad.Think about it we live by society rules.I love my two daughters.My oldest had a marriage that was fucked up from the start.I blame myself for not making love to her.Big wedding and BAM nothing.
I had no intention to touch her but she came home and cried and after about a week she came to me for love.My wife
knows and that was all that ever mattered.My youngest wanted us to take her shopping.We past the diaper aisle and
my oldest told my little one 10 that daddy can change you while I watch.She drove home mom sat in the front and I
put the diaper on Joanie.We got home and they watch dad fuck her for about an hour.I take care of the both of them
my wife also. Once a week we are all in the bed.That's what a family should do!!!
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Sep 21, 2013 - 15:44

If any men are watching this make sure your wife and daughter are there with you. My daughter is 9 and in diapers
since we saw this.After the first night that we saw it my wife went and bought some for her and Tina.When we we're
watching it when they had the diapers on it was the thrill of a lifetime for the 3 of us.Our daughter was sucking moms breast and mom started to gently rub Tinas little pussy.I was standing next to my wife and I let her suck me off a little
I didn't cum so I sat next to Tina and I fingered her.I couldn't stand it any longer.I went down on my daughter.She
made the cutest sounds.I let her lick me and I held the cum back.I carried her to our bedroom and I went little by
little and I gave her my whole cock.My wife asked Tina if she was alright cause was getting nervous watching us.Tina & I
kept on kissing.I hate the word but I fucked her for a good 15 minutes.Then I licked all the cum out of her hers and
mine.Yes,shes almost 10 but built like 12.i know she came a lot that night.I love it when I am sitting in a kitchen chair
and she moves her diaper and puts it in her.GUYS she came from you and she'll always be yours.So please her.
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Sep 21, 2013 - 04:21

I know one thing and that is if I didn't watch this with my daughter it wouldn't have made me as happy as I am since'
We watched it with our daughter who has been wearing panties as sort of a punishment.When she saw this she sort
of melted in my arms.I really was surprised and happy because I said can daddy do that to you.She squeezed me and
I opened her legs and started to finger one at a time She is ten little bigger than a training bra.She was ready.I said wanna touch daddy? I almost came when she did, I made her straddle meI went in her a little at a time.I am big.
Itook my time and she had it all in.I put my finger by my lips to say shhhh..Wife couldn't believe it I pulled out and she said please dad more.I said your going to sleep with daddy and we can do every thing.We did everything was to do
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Sep 19, 2013 - 17:26

I as a mother and a diaper wearer have a preteen daughter that when she doesn't get her way with me she runs to
her father.He spoiled the hell out of her.She pees in her panties to get even with me.It all started to change for the
better when her Daddy recommended diapers for her.We went shopping and she asked her dad which ones he liked.
We got home and the first thing she said was c'mon daddy,help me put my diaper on.I watched as he took her wet
panties off.He wiped he down there he was ready to put the diaper on and she said Please wipe some more daddy.I
saw he was hard and I got wet knowing our 12 year daughter.had a climax and wanted more.I'll leave you two alone
for a while.I went bank in five minutes she was straddling him.I started to curse because he broke her.I left them alone
because I thought she would play with herself while he jerked off.Now I started to really get turned on.He came in
her and I started to lick her.We fingered each other and we both came.I have a double head dildo in my drawer I took
most of it but she loved it.Then Dad fucked me and came and licked the rest off.To us age don't mean a thing me and
my daughter both wear diapers for daddy
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Sep 19, 2013 - 02:14

When we saw this one we had no idea our daughter was paying attention. She was texting.The next day she asked me to buy her diapers.I asked why and she said she wanted to be like the girl in the video.I bought a package and when
she got home I told her the diapers were on the bed.We went to her room I put a pair on her she had me lay down'on the bed with her.She asked me to take my bra off and she started to suck me one breast and felt the other one,The
next thing she did was to take my fingers and put two of them in her.She is 11 yrs. old and I didn't stop.I started to finger myself.she saw me doing it to myself and moved my hand she put her fingers in me and the next thin I knew'she
was what they call fisting.I had the longest climax I ever had.I told her this is our secret.She is only 11 but really has
a big climax also.I would like to get a double dildo for her and I love her in diapers want to fist her so bad.
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Sep 19, 2013 - 01:29

I am a senior in high school I happened to see this video with my parents.All I heard was maybe you should be in diapers.I laughed and then my father said boy!! do I remember when you would crawl over to me I would have
to change you.I was going to graduate in a few weeks and I broke up with my boyfriend.and was always crazy
about my dad.He loved me so much.I said to my mother if you buy them I'll wear them.The day before my graduation
I went ionto the garage where my dad was and I lifted my dress and took my diaper off and had my dad finally
give me what I needed from him for so long.I hate to use the word but I don't want anyone else to fuck me.When
I need to go shopping he takes me we fuck for about an hour.I pee a lot in the this way mom wont get
any ideas.The only thing though is I want to have my daddys baby.The thing that I loved the most with the diaper on
was to pee when he finish in my mouth.I hate condoms.That's why I like to pee in my diapers. ............TRUE
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Mar 29, 2013 - 15:35

Could and should have been longer.
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Sep 30, 2012 - 19:32

so sensual and hot
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